Showoff Home Design

Showoff Home Design

Showoff Home Design 1.0 is actually a landscape & indoor design program
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Showoff Home Design 1.0 is actually a landscape & indoor design program.
The program features many in-built tools and options. The user needs Internet connection to work with the application. It features a category list with an option to choose annuals. The catalog tab helps to choose from landscape plants, home improvements, furnishings and décor, or other items that cover a broad range of home improvements. There are other tools and features such as apply shadow tool, cut out and drawing tool, plant growth tool etc.

It lets the user visualize, experiment, and custom design their landscaping. The virtual designer displays a photograph of the home or model home, selected color landscape plants, immediately arranged for a complete photo-realistic design. The user can drop the chosen landscape image right onto the photograph. There are over 2,000 plant choices available, select from annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, cacti, trees, tropical foliage. The user can select their hardiness zone from the software and then choose plants that grow in those regions. It also tells about the predictable landscape design, which will look in one year, two years, or how about 5 years. The users can also watch the plants grow as they water them for a fun interactive growth feature.

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  • User-friendly with comprehensive features.


  • Difficulty while loading categories.
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